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Small and Medium Business

IT services to power business growth

Business continuity and high availability are critical to the growth no matter how big or small your company is.
We help you maintain your IT infrastructure seamlessly while you concentrate on your core efficiencies to move on to the next level of competitiveness in your market. You need to leverage upon the strengths in utilizing information technology to your advantage implementing the latest tools and technologies that will increase your communication and operational efficiencies.

Computer / Laptop Repair and Assembling

Avoid Interruptions In Workflow:

Keep your business healthy

Network uptime is critical to running your business efficiently in today’s competitive business environment. No matter what business you are in, downtime costs you more money and diverts capital from your growth. That’s why First Source Solution (FSS) always has IT Specialists available when you need them.
Our technical specialists will help you with a break/fix emergency, though you will have less down time overall if you call us to analyze your current system and suggest ways to head of disaster before it occurs.

Reduce Downtime

We help you keep your systems run seamlessly with minimum downtime.
System crashes are the last thing you expect in today’s fast paced business environment. Downtime can result in lost opportunities, delay in execution of business activities that result in unnecessary expenses that limits your company’s growth.
We at First Source Solution follow best practices that save time and money. Our experienced team will work towards achieving company objectives with a shared commitment.
Our clients have found that our Managed services prevent many problems from occurring in the first place by keeping their systems in optimal condition, providing regular analysis and identifying potential issues before they become catastrophes. When something does go wrong, First Source Solution has IT specialists available to provide a solution. We are available when you need us 24/7 and will work on the issue until it is resolved.

Make Break/Fix A Thing Of The Past:

Planning eliminates crises

FSS evaluates your current technology as it relates to your company’s needs and review your infrastructure to present a proposal with solutions to get all the pieces of your organization working together. We then deliver a schedule for regular maintenance that greatly reduces the need for technical support or break/fix assistance.

Responsiveness Counts:

FSS offers what you need, when you need it

We provide you with informed choices, so you can determine the services that will have the most effective impact on your operations and the timing for implementation. Perhaps you need to upgrade your network now, but can defer other improvements to designated milestones as your company grows. Conversely you may find it necessary to put certain technology in place in order to facilitate and support that growth. We can assist in mapping out the technology necessary for each step of the way, according to your timetable and budget.
Don’t get bogged down by projects that are too time-consuming for your in-house staff, or go to the expense and inconvenience of hiring additional permanent employees. We can provide short-term or long-term IT professionals, even on short notice, to solve immediate problems, work on special projects or augment your own IT personnel when tasks warrant extra help.
Our SMB Services are ideal for organizations requiring a secure, available and redundant IT environment to support their business-critical applications and systems, without the need to hire IT staff year-round.

Facilitate Achievement:

Efficient IT helps you reach your goals

FSS delivers the appropriate IT tools to help your company succeed in accomplishing objectives such as revenue growth, increased profitability, cost reduction, higher sales, better cash flow, and more efficient tracking of costs/billable time. Rely on our expertise to recommend options for performance, price, compatibility with existing systems, products you can trust and security protection.

Why choose FSS for SMB Services?

FSS provides you with an essential mix of IT support to meet the specific technology needs of your business. Get the type of computer support, Network support and maintenance services you need as well as the level of service that suits your unique IT situation.

Services for the SMB companies:
  • Helpdesk support
  • Network Services
  • Software Services
  • Hardware Services
  • Security Services
  • Hosting Services
  • 24x7 Monitoring Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Backup and Recovery Services

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